Bloodline String And Cable Sets

All Of Our Premium Strings are Produced by the Top Market Brand - A3 Archery. They are the superior string on the market due to their Highest quality material used and the superior technology A3 has developed to give you the best quality string on the market today! (Product Details) Best in the industry materials BCY 452X - this material is the gold standard and what all other materials are compared to. Bloodline Fiber Technology - VEC-99 is a next generation material utilizing a proprietary coating that makes the material wax-less and abrasion resistant resulting in a material that does not fuzz up and looks amazing all the time Halo Serving Material - all end loops and end servings Powergrip Center Serving - grips tight and serves rounder than any other material making it the superior choice. Technique and Process All Bowstrings go through a multi stage and unique tensioning process - We call this Pre-Shot Cycle Technology the better alternative to "Stretching" Pre-Cycle Tensioning stabilizes the fibers and bundle using a series of tensioning and relaxing at set intervals Serving Jig Tension - we use only the best Beiter Jigs and each jig is digitally scaled before each use to assure that we build consistency set to set. Serving - the bowstring is tensioned at 500lbs of positive tension while the serving is applied - this assures that there is no string material twisting underneath the serving that could cause issues. Once the bowstrings are built they go through a very unique tensioning process That Cycles the String in an automated process; what we find is this combination creates a string set that does not require a shoot in period, and is more consistent and stable. "Stretching" as most other string companies advertise is not as effective and over stretching actually damages the fibers in the string.